A guide to choosing the right Sasaki massage chair for you

 12-03-2017  Massage Chairs

Making the right decision on which of Sasaki’s massage chairs is perfect for you can be complex and daunting, to say the least. Lucky for you, our handy guide to choosing the right Sasaki massage chair for you will take the pressure off and allow you to make an easy and informed decision.


Which is the best massage chair for you?

The best massage chair for you depends on your reasons for purchasing a massage chair and your physical requirements. We suggest that you look out for the following criteria and use these points as a guide to making your choice:


Basic comfort

Sit down in the chair and relax.  Massage chairs have different shapes and contours that suit some people more than others. Many of Sasaki’s chairs, including our 10 Series massage chair, are able to adjust to your body shape for the most comfortable massage.


Massage strength

Ensure that the strength of the massage is appropriate for your physical requirements.  If you want a vigorous massage try a chair with a strong roller action such as our 8 Series or 9 Series chairs.  If you want something more relaxing or to target specific areas, try a massage chair with smaller rollers and tapping action, perhaps with more airbag massage. Sasaki 4 Series and 10 Series massage chairs are great for this.


Pre-set programmes Vs. adjustable programmes

Sample the massage chair’s pre-set programmes. Some chairs may already have a pre-set that is just right for your problem area.  If the chair is going to be used by your family, check the range of adjustable options that the chair offers so that everyone can use it. Our 8, 9 and 10 Series chairs include a range of features that target different problem areas.


Additional features

Our massage chairs come with a wide range of additional features. Most have built in leg massaging airbags and foot massagers, while some of our chairs offer a ‘zero gravity’ reclining position, which may help with sciatica or back problems. For relaxation, our 10 Series massage chair allows you to play your own music through discreet, built in speakers via Blue Tooth. The Sasaki 10 Series massage chair can also be controlled via smartphone. It enables even more of the latest massage programs to be downloaded to a smartphone. This ever-expanding suite of massage programs means that there is a program to suit each member of your family and their evolving requirements.


Design and appearance

Our massage chairs come in a range of materials including synthetic leather, real leather and crocodile skin effect. We have a range of designs to suit a modern apartment or a traditional family home, and a range of colours to suit your decor. Some of our massage chairs, such as 1, 2 and 3 Series chairs, are also more compact to fit into a smaller area.


Once you have a general idea of what you require from your massage chair, we recommend that you get in touch with us and book an appointment at our Sasaki showroom in Milton Keynes for a more in depth chat. You can try out our massage chairs for yourself and use the above guide to make an informed decision on which chair feels best for you. We recommend that you try several different styles before you decide which is the most comfortable and appropriate for you. Feel free to bring pictures of the space you intend to place your chair in so that we can help you decide which massage chair looks the best, too!


If you’d like to chat to us about choosing your perfect Sasaki massage chair, contact us on: 0800 999 4288 for a chat or to book an appointment at our showroom. Alternatively, you can email us on: info@sasaki.co.uk.