Do you have tired, heavy feeling legs and feet and want to spring them back to life with massage therapy? Look no further! Our 3D Transformer Leg and Foot Massager is one of the best space saving leg and foot massagers on the market.

Sasaki’s new 5 Series 3D Massage Chair is here! We’re always working on and improving our products to bring you the best and technologically advanced massage chairs and health products. From heated massage rollers to a zero-gravity function, our 5 Series 3D Versatile Recliner Massage Chair has lots of exciting features. Read on to learn more about them…

We are excited to introduce to you our brand-new Sasaki 2 Series 3D massage chair. Completely different from our existing massage chairs, this is our entry level therapeutic massage chair. It has the style and comfort that you expect from a designer piece of furniture, but with the added bonus of also being a quality massage chair.

Sasaki is excited to introduce one of our latest health products, the Sasaki 10 Series SE Supreme Recliner Massage Chair.

We are excited to let you know that Sasaki will be back at the Ideal Home Show 2018 this March, with some exciting new health products! The Ideal Home Show exhibition will take place from Saturday 17th March until Monday 2nd April 2018 at the Olympia London. You can find Sasaki at Stand L820 in the Interiors Hall.

When you hear the word ‘infrared’, it instantly rings alarm bells for some, given that it is a form of radiation. However, far infrared heat is not the same as ionising radiation which causes cancer, it is a form of electromagnetic radiation which does quite the opposite and impacts your health positively. That is why far infrared heat is a feature in many of our health products such as our massage chairs and our sleep systems.

Do you lead a stressful lifestyle and need to implement a little more self-care and relaxation into your everyday life? Or perhaps you have certain medical issues, or niggling aches and pains that regular massage can help with? The Sasaki 8 Series medical chair will positively impact your life significantly whatever your reason is. This full body massage chair and medical chair blends together our easiest to use controls with highly advanced technology to bring you a unique mixture of multi-sensory relaxation, and full body holistic massage therapy at the touch of a button.

Give someone a truly special gift this Christmas. At Sasaki we have a great range of health products that can transform the life of your loved ones (and you, if they share!) Here’s a run-down of our pick of Sasaki products you should add to your Christmas gift list…

The Sasaki 7 Series Massage chair combines advanced technology features to simulate a deep and realistic massage from head to toe. You’ll think twice about booking in a masseuse after using this chair! Our advanced massage chairs have even been recommended by At Home Magazine with Lorraine Kelly, where Sasaki was named the ‘Best Massage Chair Supplier’.

‘Sleep is the best meditation’ – DALAI LAMA

Did you know, we spend a third of our lives sleeping? Yet despite this fact, a vast number of us are not sleeping on a suitable mattress to best catch those z’s! In a 2011 poll, the National Sleep Foundation found that 92% of people said that a comfortable mattress is important to a good night’s sleep. But often, people are deterred by the seemingly high price tag of a good health mattress.