Find the right massage chair

Which is the best massage chair for you?

Making the right decision on which massage chair is right for you can be complex and we recommend that you try several different styles before you decide which is the most comfortable and appropriate.

General guide lines for choosing a massage chair.

Basic comfort – Sit down in the chair and relax.  Chairs have different shapes and contours that suit some people more than others.

Massage strength – Ensure that the strength of the massage is appropriate for your physical requirements.  If you want a vigorous massage try a chair with a strong roller action.  If you want something more relaxing or target specific areas, try a massage chair with smaller rollers and tapping action, perhaps with more airbag massage.

Preset programmes v adjustable programmes – Try the chair preset programmes, one of the chairs may already have a preset that is just right for your problem area.  If the chair is going to be used by your family, check the range of adjustable options so that one chair can be used by everyone.

Additional features – Massage Chairs come with a wide range of additional features. Some have built in leg massaging airbags and foot massagers while a chair which offers a ‘zero gravity’ reclining position may help people with sciatica or other back problems. For relaxation some chairs allow you to play your own music through built in speakers. More recent chairs can be controlled by an upgradable Smartphone app.

Design and appearance – Massage chairs come in a range of materials including synthetic leathers, fabric and real leather. There is a wide range of designs to suit a modern apartment or a traditional family home and a range of colours to suit your decor. Some are more compact to fit into a smaller area.

Price – Although you should try and choose the chair which is best for your physical requirements, price is also a consideration.  Many companies have a choice of payment options, including 0% finance deals.

Once you have a general idea of what you require from your massage chair, contact a reputable reseller who should be able to chat to you about their chairs and offer a demonstration.