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FLABeLOS vibration plates are excellent to use at the comfort of your home. FLABeLOS does work, only 10 minutes a day for a total body workout on vibration training.

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The Only Vibration Machine Registered as Class 2A Medical Device CE

FLABéLOS Medical CE has newly launched WBV-3000 vibration machines which have been approved and registered as Medical Device, a device which can be used by healthcare providers and patients.

Please note that there are other companies in the marketplace purporting to be FLABéLOS resellers. Many of these resellers are promoting counterfeit FLABéLOS which will not produce the results of the FLABéLOS CE.

ONLY FLABéLOS Medical CE machines sold by Sasaki International Ltd, www.flabelos.co.uk in the UK are Medical Device CE approved.

Be Aware! Counterfeits     


Wobbleyou Ltd

Need a few inspirational ideas for the Flabelos in your salon?

Take a look at www.wobbleyou.co.uk one of our most successful customers.

Wobbleyou Ltd - Manchester

Wobbleyou Ltd - Manchester

Wobbleyou Ltd - Manchester

Wobbleyou Ltd - Manchester

Wobbleyou Ltd - Manchester

Wobbleyou Ltd - Manchester


Shape Studios

A successful FLABéLOS customer in Bournemouth!

Take a look at www.shapestudios.co.uk/ one of our most successful customers.

Shape Studios - Bournemouth


Shake & Tone (Poole)

An amazing FLABéLOS salon in Poole!

One of our most successful customers. 01202 929220.

Shake & Tone - Poole


FLABéLOS is the registered Trade Mark of Sasaki International. Illegal use will result in legal action.Disclaimer Notice
Be Delighted... or Get Your Money Back!*
The revolutionary technology of the FLABeLOS Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine is being used by many professionals throughout the world. People involved in sports, healthcare, universities, fitness and trainers not to mention the huge number of celebrities are all using and benefiting from Whole Body Vibrations.

Developed based on the balancing theory in sport science, the new FLABeLOS machine enhances proprioception, exploiting the muscles your body uses to balance itself to shake, shake, shake off the flab!

This compact new FLABeLOS vibration trainer is the ultimate workout machine that could shake you to becoming slimmer, fitter and healthier!


The Science Behide Its Success
The concept is based on Newton's Law of gravitation. The plates on the FLABeLOS move up and down at different speeds. Your body naturally tries to stabilise you. These changes in amplitude and speed increase the impact on the muscles and create more involuntary muscle contractions.

The continuous alternating tilting movement results in muscle contractions and generates vibration impulses to you muscles. These impulses travel to the spinal cord along your nerves that control the muscles for balancing movement. Head shake is minimised during exercise as the movement is absorbed in the pelvis.

Product Benefits

  • Improve stamina and blood circulation
  • increase muscle endurance and flexibility
  • Build up bone health and balance
  • Enhance muscle strength and athletic perfomance
  • Reduces overall body fat
  • Targeted large muscle group workouts including thighs, calves, abdominals, etc.
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Product Name : FLABéLOS Medical CE  Pre Set Programme : 3
Model Number : WBV-3000 Vibration Frequency : 3 - 20 Hz
Setup Dimension : L58.4 X W52.9 X H139.5 CM Max. Carrying Weight : 150 KGS
Voltage : 220V - 240V AC Net Weight : 40 KGS
Power Consumption: 350W Auto Timer : 10 mins
Note: All OTO FLABéLOS machines are marked WBV-3000 as this is the base model manufactured by OTO. The commercial upgrades are carried out in the UK by skilled engineers using precision engineered parts.

* Terms and conditions apply


Q  What model FLABéLOS does the guarantee cover?
The domestic FLABéLOS priced from £2399.99

Q  How long is the guarantee?
A  A full 7 years from the date of delivery

Q  What is actually covered?
A  The guarantee covers all mechanical parts. Some items have a natural limited lifetime or durability, any fabric wear and tear or damage will not be included; this includes all rubber skirting and plate covers on the FLABéLOS. After the first year, callout and labour will be charged for each site visit. Alternatively the FLABéLOS can be returned to our premises at your own cost for repair.

Q  Can I transfer the guarantee to the next owner?
A  Yes. The guarantee is fully transferable while still valid. We would ask that you do not move or relocate the FLABéLOS without contacting us first as any damage incurred by moving or relocating the FLABéLOS will invalidate the guarantee.

Q  Why are Sasaki the only company to offer this 7 year guarantee?
A  Sasaki can offer such a long guarantee as we are the only authorised distributers of FLABéLOS.  We are the only company who can offer genuine manufacturer's replacement parts.

Q  How do I qualify for the guarantee?
A  You must pay the full amount by cash, credit/debit card only.

Q  In which countries is my guarantee covered
A  Mainland UK.

Please be aware of websites and publications advertising FLABéLOS (other than the authorised distributor and our agents. Please call our office to confirm authorised distributor/agent). Remember that these sites and adverts may use "FLABéLOS", accept major credit cards and are able to obtain product images of the FLABéLOS, so that they appear legitimate.

Search engines do not pre-screen websites that appear in their search results. Be cautious of websites that appear on searches for "FLABéLOS" or similar keywords or search terms – only the official OTO FLABéLOS website and its authorised agents’ websites are trusted online sources for purchasing the genuine product.

If you think you've spotted or purchased a "FLABéLOS" being sold by an unauthorised trader, we would greatly appreciate your help by reporting the incident to our company. Although we cannot help you regain your money if you purchase from an unauthorised trader, we can take legal action against them.

Please contact us on info@sasaki.co.uk or call 01908 322888 to alert us of any unauthorised trading.

WobbleYou Salon

Need a few inspirational ideas for the Flabelos in your salon?

Take a look at www.wobbleyou.co.uk one of our most successful customers.

WobbleYou Salon - Manchester

WobbleYou Salon - Manchester

WobbleYou Salon - Manchester

WobbleYou Salon - Manchester

WobbleYou Salon - Manchester

WobbleYou Salon - Manchester



Finishing Touch Beauty Salon - Alcester

Finishing Touch Beauty Salon - Alcester

Rosebery Rooms - London

Rosebery Rooms - London

Rosebery Rooms - London

10 FLABéLOS machines installed
at Wobbleyou - Manchester

Adele Eades Salon - Swansea

Layers Hair & Beauty - Essex

Layers Hair & Beauty - Essex

Spire Sheffield Ltd - Sheffield

Wellness Centre - Leicester

Wellness Centre - Leicester

Sari - Bromley

Hartley House Dance Club - Plymouth

Mrs Sabri Ahmed - Cardiff

Mrs Susanne Dixon - Cheltenham


Salon from Cornwall

Salon from Cornwall

Health & Aesthetic Clinic - London

Ms Correa - London

Mr Taylor - Surrey

Amanda -- Mitcham

Mr Partel

Mrs Button

Dr Arnold

Mr Chong

Mrs Higgs

Mrs Mehta

Miss Niure--Leicester

Mrs Taylor--Rotherham

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Ms Furnish--Barry

Miss Shannon--Potten End

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Mrs Sheehy--Maidenhead

Mrs Chow--Perivale

Mr Noordeane - Ilford

Mr Singh - Barking

Mrs Brown - Wembley

Mrs Allen - Leicester

Mr Hancock - Buxton

Mr Butler - Stoke-on-Trent

Mrs Taylor - Kent

Mrs Clayton - Melksham

Mrs Keenan - Plymouth

Mrs Hinkley - London

Miss Bannister - Hatfield

Mrs Nagi, Hounslow

Mr Baker - Northamptonshire

Miss Jones - Northamptonshire

Mr Fancey - London

Mrs Hill - Spleen

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Customer trying flabelos

Customer trying flabelos

Customer trying flabelos

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Customer in Kent

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Anti Ageing Show 2013 in Olympia

Anti-ageing Show 01

Anti-ageing Show 02

Anti-ageing Show 03

I have been using the FLABéLOS WBV-3000 four times a week over the past year in my local salon. I usually spend 1 hour on the machine per session and on average I would lose approximately 210 calories per 10 minutes!

In May 2015 I was 20st 4lbs, and in January 2016 I weighed in at 16st 3lbs!! I was so impressed with the results that I decided to buy one for my home.

I have gone for the new FLABéLOS Medical CE0482 as it is more powerful and on average I have now been losing about 250 calories per 10 minutes!

I don't even need to change my diet or worry about excess skin as the skin stays tight and firm, unlike when someone loses weight too quickly.

This product is great and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight healthily and safely.

Brilliant! Quite amazed.
One hour workout in ten minutes and great for all ages - I went on with my mum and we liked the change in programmes

Felt like a workout on the tummy.
Could stretch better after demo.
Thank you

AMAZING...... Love it

I use the Flabelos machine at my local salon and it is without doubt the best thing I have ever used. I have lost at least 2 dress sizes!!

We would just like to say our 2 Flabelos which we purchased from yourselves are bringing extra clients to our salon, people are losing lots of inches!!! So we may even look at purchasing more!

We have had this machine in our shop for about 3 or 4 months and it has been a great success, making a significant contribution to our overall takings.

Before we decided to have the Flabelos we considered some of the alternative products on the market. We are really pleased we decided to have the Flabelos as in our opinion this machine offers the best performance/cost effectiveness of any machine of its type.

We have had the Flabelos for two years and are now thinking of taking another one on. Our clients are very happy with the results and are buying courses after courses; the results are amazing and leaving the customers very pleased.