The Only Oscillating Vibration Plate that is also Registered as Class 2A Medical Device CE


Flabélos Medical CE has been approved as a Class IIa Medical Device and entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, registration number ARTG 212167. The Flabélos Medical CE has also been certified by MEDCERT as complying with international standards for quality management and safety.

Please note that there are other companies in the marketplace purporting to be FLABéLOS resellers. Many of these resellers are promoting counterfeit FLABéLOS which will not produce the results of the FLABéLOS.

ONLY FLABéLOS Medical CE sold by Sasaki International Ltd, www.flabelos.co.uk in the UK are Medical Device CE approved.

Be Aware! Counterfeits   

Flabelos Medical CE 0482 Vibration Plate

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FLABeLOS vibration plates are excellent to use at the comfort of your home. FLABeLOS does work, only 10 minutes a day for a total body workout on vibration training.

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The new FLABéLOS vibration plate offers a much better performance for commercial usage and it is ONLY available at SASAKI. Suitable for beauty salon, tanning shop, leisure centre, gym and more!

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