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OTO 3D e-Bliss - Neck and Shoulder Massager

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e-Bliss is targeted at neck, shoulder and back pain as well as soreness caused by bad postures. For example, poor posture at your desk, driving bunched over the steering wheel or some sports, such as golf, are associated with a higher risk of neck and shoulder pain.

e-Bliss offers a finger-press massage that improves blood circulation and supply, relieves tension on the neck and shoulder region and strengthens the muscles of the back. Back massage stimulates the nerves to function properly and activates your metabolic processes. The heat therapy offered by OTO e-Bliss is an additional benefit in pain control, increasing blood flow and reducing muscle tensions.


  • 3D massage
  • Circular massage in clockwise and anticlockwise movements
  • Finger-press massage with heat therapy
  • Improves blood circulation and relieves muscle tension
  • Perfect for home and office use



Name of Product : e-Bliss
Type of Product : Neck and Shoulder Massager
Model Number : ES-928
Power Consumption : 25W (40LB)
Product Measurement : 43.5(L) x 13(W) x 32(H) cm
Power Input : AC 110 - 230V~ (50HZ)
Net Weight : 2.3 KG
International Compliance : CE/BS
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Bought to see if it would help with ongoing trapped nerve and regular neck/shoulder pain. I would recommend that a specialist should be seen for long lasting problems: However this did give some relief when it was bad. Better as a way to relax the muscles and feel nice. It is a class above neck massagers advertised and is worth the extra.