Magnetic Far-Infrared Health Mattress

Our 5-in-1 health mattresses safely and naturally combine the benefits of magnetic field and far-infrared light energy therapies, ergonomic design, shiatsu massage and hypoallergenic properties – bringing you better sleep, health and wellbeing.

  • Single size mattress price from £1000
  • Double size mattress price from £1500
  • King size mattress price from £2000

Over 100 million people are currently using magnetic field and far-Infrared light therapies

Around the world over 100 million people are currently using magnetic field and far-Infrared light therapies to improve their lives and relieve discomfort, avoiding medication and risking no adverse side effects


Ensures the correct alignment for your spinal column

The ergonomic design and latex composition ensures the correct alignment for your spinal column plus provides a similar effect to Shiatsu massage while you sleep


Anti-allergy and hypoallergenic

The design and composition means no air pockets, a build-up of heat and moisture and the proliferation of germs, mites and other micro-organisms that cause asthma and other respiratory problems and allergies


Up to 15 Years guarantee

If the mattress sank more than 2cm, we will replace a new mattress for you 

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Don’t Buy Any Other Mattress Until You’ve Tried THE BEST Health Mattress on the Market!

Medical authorities report that our bodies are constantly subject to stresses and strains, resulting in infections, stress-related illnesses, and physical damage to joints, bones, muscles and nerves. Often, these problems go undetected as the body constantly works to repair the damage but, eventually, your body becomes too weak and dysfunctional to repair itself.

Conventional treatments are designed to suppress the symptoms of illness, which means that pain, tiredness, anxiety and depression may continue to persist, whilst the repair and strengthening of your immune system can often be ignored.

SASAKI ‘s magnetic far-infrared health mattress is clinically proven to stimulate circulation while you sleep!

The SASAKI Magnetic Far-Infrared Health Mattress can re-energise your body, restoring the immune system’s natural ability to repair itself and prevent illness. The magnetic fields improve blood flow, encourage pain reduction and alleviate insomnia. A good night’s sleep for a better tomorrow.

Features & Benefits of the SASAKI Magnetic Far-Infrared Health Mattress:

  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Reduces Stress and Fatigue
  • Promotes Better Quality Sleep
  • Enhances Sex Life
  • Shiatsu Massage Feature
  • Detoxifies & Purifies
  • Relieves Back Pain, Sciatica and Aching Joints
  • Improves Cellular Regeneration
  • Made from Hypo-Allergenic Materials
  • Minimises Harmful Effects of Radiation
  • Optimises Endurance and Mobility
  • Relieves Arthritic and Rheumatic Conditions
  • Healing Magnetic Field Energy

The SASAKI Health Mattress can help to alleviate the symptoms of:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spondylosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • M.S.
  • Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Constipation

Discover the Amazing Healing Power Attributed to Magnets & Far-Infrared
The Earth’s very first magnet was produced by Mother Nature – lodestone.

Lodestone is part lava rock, part iron and part minerals, and is formed by the molten lava flowing down the side of a volcano. As the lava cools, it retains the magnetism which passes through it. As subsequent volcanic upheavals occur, the solidified lava breaks up to form small rocks called ‘lodestones.’

Lodestones were used in ancient China, Japan, India, Egypt and Greece to help people enjoy better health. The earliest references to the use of magnets for health predate the birth of Christ. So, while most of us may not be familiar with the use of magnetics to help us feel better, they have been used effectively for centuries in other parts of the world.

During most of our existence on earth, we have lived close to the land and the earth’s natural magnetic field. Today, this natural magnetic field is in decline, and is presently at its lowest level since humans first inhabited the planet. Additionally, as we have modernised, we have further reduced our exposure to the already weakened magnetic field through the proliferation of energy-absorbing roadways and steel frames for automobiles, buildings, etc.

In recent years, scientists have come to realise that there is a definitive relationship between the earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic properties of our bodies. We now know that the human race has always been dependent on the influence of the earth’s magnetic field. Any change in this field is likely to cause functional disorders in the body.

To further complicate the situation, today’s humans are surrounded by electrical appliances, which radiate manmade 50 Hz signals. These beat against our bodies’ natural, much lower frequency bio-rhythms. Could it be that we have created too much interference with nature’s intended sources of energy and well-being, thus impairing our essential connection to this energy?

Perhaps this explains why the United States — the most technologically advanced country in the world — has the unenviable distinction of ranking number one in the world for degenerative diseases.

Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, the Director of Tokyo’s Isuzu Hospital, wrote an article entitled, ‘Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome’ in 1976. The article states that because of the decreasing magnetic field of the earth, many people do not get adequate magnetic field exposure, which their bodies need to function optimally. He goes on to state that, by simply providing a natural magnetic field for the body, many discomforts may be lessened, or even vanish completely.

Though still in its infancy in Europe, we are already seeing very positive effects from sleeping on magnetic beds and pillows, and using magnetic pads on various areas of the body. The magnetic energy can promote better sleep, relieve stress and discomfort, and provide more energy to power us through the day.

No one knows exactly how the earth’s magnetic energy correlates to the magnetic properties of our bodies. We do know, however, that we can use low-strength magnets on our bodies to restore and/or maintain the proper magnetic relationship, and we can do so without having to worry about adverse side effects.

The only way someone will know what magnetics can do for them is to experience them personally. Presently, over 100 million people use this technology.

Far-infrared is a portion of the light that is emitted by the sun. Everything on earth absorbs far-infrared light as heat energy. It is essential for the health, production and growth of all living things. This far-infrared energy can be harnessed in such a way that we can maximise its beneficial properties to help us feel better and relieve many of our aches and discomforts.

Researchers have now developed numerous cutting-edge products which are having a profound effect on how people feel. Fibres can be injected with special, light-energised, bio-ceramic powder and can be woven into wraps for the different joints of the body. The fibres can be incorporated into seat pads for cars, office chairs, etc. They have also been utilised as filler for quilts, enabling us to enjoy an ideal temperature all the year round, since the fibres are activated by our own body heat.

These hi-tech procedures provide a safe, natural way of providing warmth and climate control for our bodies. The structure of the light-energised bio-ceramic fibre is so exceptional that it has revolutionised the way we can use nature’s own resources. It allows our bodies to function more effectively, thereby reducing many of our health problems.

Magnetic field energy and far-infrared light energy are providing some of the most exciting breakthroughs in alternative and complementary health care. Among other things, light energy breaks down large water molecules into smaller ones, releasing trapped toxins in the process. Furthermore, light energy enables the body to maximise its use of calcium, one of the body’s most important elements.

Far-infrared, combined with magnetic field energy, is truly tomorrow’s technology being enjoyed today by people who are looking for advanced cutting-edge methods to improve their health. They are also being utilised extensively in the area of prevention, since they have unique properties which help our bodies to maintain peak performance.

These are not medical products, and they do not have intrinsic healing properties in themselves. They do, however, help our bodies to fight stress, thereby promoting an environment in which the body can more effectively restore and repair damage — as nature intended.

We know conclusively that stress plays a major role in health problems. The three leading causes of death — heart disease, cancer and stroke — are all stress related. If stress can be effectively reduced in our lives, we may experience a prolonged life and enjoy it more fully. Both magnetic field energy and far infrared energy provide a safe and natural solution for reducing stress and helping us in our quest for better health and fitness. Today, individuals have the opportunity to benefit from cutting-edge technology which will revolutionise our approach to health care as we move further into the twenty-first century.