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9 SERIES 4D L Shape Ultimate Medical Chair - Special offer - for on line orders ONLY! (Pay in Full by Debit Card and receive a Free 3 Year Warranty OR 20% VAT off.*)

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SASAKI 9 SERIES is packed with state-of-the-art applied science and embraces traditional Japanese massage techniques with todays modern technology and style. From zero gravity to pelvic swinging, you'll receive a totally unique massage experience.


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SASAKI 9 SERIES is packed with state-of-the-art applied science and embraces traditional Japanese massage techniques with todays modern technology and style. From zero gravity to pelvic swinging, you'll receive a totally unique massage experience. 

Added Features Of The 9 SERIES That Are Not Found On Most Other Massage Chairs-:

•    L Design Massage gives best 3D massage down to & including the buttocks, providing over 55% more coverage
•    Slide Feature (wall hugger) only needs under 4" from back wall & is a big space saver
•    24 Volt Safety Electrical System -Safer & More Energy Efficient, Saving You Money
•    64 Extra Large Oversize Multi-Stage Airbags- More Airbag Coverage Than Other Massage Chairs Providing The Best & Most Comprehensive Total Body Care
•    3D body scan determines your upper & lower torso dimensions & adjusts massage for your exact body style
•    Shoulder Airbags for adjustable shoulder massage
•    Complete hand & complete arm airbag massagers provide massage for fingers, hand & full arm
•    Leg & Back Stretch Function- 2 way stretch both straight out & down giving gentle Thai stretches
•    Heat on the back for relaxation and improve blood circulation
•    Rollers on sole of feet, providing both Reflexology & Acupressure 
•    Zero Gravity
•    Wider seat cushion for added comfort
•    Heavier Grade PU Covering-leather like
•    MP3 player with built-in external stereo speakers
•    Can make all adjustments even in an automatic program
•    Japan Bando Belt is best in the world
•    Back covers are Antifire material
•    Speakers have professional car bass sound
Zero Gravity in a Massage Chair

The zero gravity position in a massage chair is just like being in a space shuttle where the chair reclines back and evenly distributes your bodyweight for the most comfortable position for your overall body and most importantly your back and spine. This position is also important because it really helps your circulatory system. It provides better circulation throughout your feet, your whole body and most importantly your heart. A true Zero-Gravity position should get your feet raised above your heart. When your feet are above your heart, not only does this increase your blood circulation but it actually decreases your blood pressure. Zero gravity also gives the user of the massage chair the deepest massage because the chair is using the bodyweight of the person to really drive the rollers in the back region to work out the knots and stress most users are looking for.

A 15 Minute Session In Our 9 SERIES Can Do More For You Than Other Massage Chairs! Here explains why:

There are only two types of massage chairs.  There is the "S" curve conventional massage chair which has been around for over 20 years. This is old technology and is being phased out.  It comes in hundreds of different brand names. The common thread is that they all start at the neck and travel down only to the lower back, a maximum of only 32 inches; most only travel 29 inches. You can generally use this type of massage chair for 15-30 minutes after which you will feel somewhat beat up. The second type of massage chair is the latest advancement in massage chair technology known as the "L" design massage chair.  This is the future of the industry.  It starts at the head & travels down through the lower back, hips, and buttocks massaging the glute muscles and even under the thighs.  It travels 50.4"- nearly double the distance of any conventional S curved massage chair.  It also gets closer to the contour of your neck & spine than ever before, giving the best deep tissue massage and the best soft Swedish massage too. It massages 55% more body area than the conventional massage chair giving the best massage from a chair available yet. Unlike conventional S curved massage chairs, you can use the "L" designed massage chair for hours and not feel uncomfortable or beat up.  Some customers even report sleeping comfortably in the "L" design massage chairs. The ultimate massage chair is designed to exceed YOUR expectations.


Model 9 Series
Input Voltage 240v/50Hz
Power Consumption 260W
Package Size
Main body 1330x710x850mm
  Armrest 1190x370x810mm
  Legrest  580x490x550mm
G.W 150kg
N.W 135kg
Dimensions 1250(H)x1540(L)x930(W)

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