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10 Series Royal Queen 5D AI Ultimate Massage Chair


The most luxurious platinum chair in the UK.

Features of the 10 Series Royal Queen 5D AI Ultimate Massage Chair

  • New Upgraded 5D Mechanism
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithm
  • Zero Space & Zero Gravity
  • HD 7.1 Inches Screen Operating System
  • Biological Anti-Pitch System
  • USB 5V/ 2.1A Fast Charging Ports
  • Full body 94 Airbags & Heating
  • Intelligent Height Detection
  • 18 Automatic Programs
  • Rocking Sleep mode program
  • Unique U-Shaped Pillow with Temple Head Massage
  • New Japanese Carbon Fibre Glossy Finish Side Panels


Length 145 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 116 cm

Reclined Position

Length 185 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 90 cm



HD large screen operating system

10.1 inch touch control screen, the operating system is convenient and ­simple, and the massage process is clear at a glance. Allows you to freely control the massage program, built-in 24 sets of automatic programs, one-click control of massage experience.


S&L Track

The 130cm long S&L track allows the back roller arms massage from the head to the buttocks; it has greatly increased the reachable parts of the back 3D mechanism. The backtrack design is based on human body curve which make shoulder and waist massage more in place.


Full body airbag massage and heating

The airbag massage system has a total of 94 airbags, covering the head, shoulders, hips, arms, calves and feet. Each part can
be switched independently, and the airbag strength can be selected from 6 levels. Carbon fiber heating pads are provided on the back, buttocks, and calves to help warm the body and release fatigue.


5D Mechanism

5D Mechanism arms extends 8cm, can effectively improve the comfort of massage. The 5D Mechanism has a variety of massage methods such as kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, tapping and combination. You can adjust massage methods, body part, intensity per your preference.


Intelligent height detection

It can automatically detect user and track’ s height meanwhile match user’ s body shape. The leg rest can automatically detect user’ s leg and adapt to their leg length.


Heart rate & blood pressure detection

Fingertip heart rate detection, through photoelectric reaction to detect the user’s heart rate status, and calculate other index data, can better understand the user’s physical condition.


Anti-pinch system

The massage chair is equipped with anti-pinch devices at key parts such as the legs, soles, back and side armrests and so on.


Fast USB charging ports

Equipped with two sets of 5V / 2.1A fast charging ports, you can charge two different electronic devices while massaging.

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