The Sasaki 10 Series Premium Massage Chair

 20-12-2016  Massage Chairs

Welcome to the Sasaki 10 Series Premium Massage Chair. It’s massage done the smart way.

Designed and manufactured by our team of experts in our own production base, the Sasaki 10 Series Massage Chair combines the best of science and technology. It incorporates an extremely easy to use control system with highly advanced technology to bring you a unique mixture of multi-sensory relaxation, and a full body holistic massage therapy at the simple touch of a button.


As you step into this genius piece of equipment, the automatic shoulder detection feature assumes a suitable massage mode according to your height. Featuring a unique, relaxing head massage, you can lay back and experience a top to toe massage while listening to your favourite music played via Bluetooth through discretely placed speakers.

The chair adjusts your body to a natural, stress free, comfortable position for the most relaxing massage. At the press of a button, the chair recreates the position the body would naturally assume under the zero gravity conditions of outer space. Suddenly you are weightless and feel like you are floating on air. By elevating the legs above heart level, your body is reclined and supported to the best physical fit to stimulate blood circulation and help all related health conditions. A premium massage chair that gives you, quite literally, an outer space experience!

This massage chair doesn’t just induce relaxation and relieve stress,it has a variety of features that serve other functions too. The U-shaped pillow massages your temples with accuracy to relieve fatigue. Carbon fibre infrared heat therapy for the waist, buttocks and legs improves your blood circulation. The hidden system armrest relieves tension and pain of the muscles. The Thai-stretch feature enhances the vigour of your joints and ligaments. There are also three rows of foot rollers offering GUASHA massage, which targets 130 massage acupuncture points to stimulate your digestive system.

The L-shaped technique design employed by this impressive chair offers 55% more massage coverage than most other massage chairs on the market. It has the best and most premium massage chair features all combined into one chair.

Try reflexology to stimulate circulation and personalise the width, intensity of infrared heat on the back and seat area to experience a unique massage for 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

With Smart Phone control, the Sasaki 10 Series massage chair is our easiest control system to date. It enables even more of the latest massage programs to be downloaded to a smartphone. This ever expanding suite of massage programs means that there is a program to suit each member of your family and their evolving needs and requirements, offering the whole family endless massage pleasures. Just another feature that makes the Sasaki 10 Series a premium massage chair, setting it apart from the rest. 

Available in several colours and materials including real leather and crocodile skin effect, this premium massage chair is a luxurious, smart and adaptable addition to your household.